Therapeutic Life Coaching, L.L.C.

Chris Christenbury, M.A.

Life Coach


Sometimes, folks just need some help.  Chris Christenbury has been in the arena of helping people for nearly 30 years.  A Marine Corps Vietnam veteran, former police officer, and father of two grown children, Chris has dedicated the last three decades to helping folks realize their dreams, walk away from substances, and learn to live more moral, ethical, and spiritual lives.  Working closely with Andrew Shaw, M.D. Chris assists his clients in navigating the obstacles confronting them as they learn a new and fulfilling way of living.  Chris is an “out of the box” Life Coach using many approaches that can ethically help move his clients in the direction they want to go. For some clients who have been charged with a crime, Chris can work with them and their attorney to set up a brief, highly focused and directed program to help get through the adjudication process by putting together a plan that is aimed at the client being in solid position for alternative sentencing. Give Chris a call and chat with him about the possibility of working with you or someone in your family as a Life Coach. Office is located at 890 West King Street Suite 8 in Boone, North Carolina.

Sometimes, things just don’t work.....

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